Terms & Conditions

Terms Updated: October 01, 2020

This page represents the terms and conditions set by IKR Media and applies to all applicable products and services offered by IKR Media either via subscription or single payment items (including invoices and other payment processes).

Automated Service Renewals

By subscribing to an automatically renewed subscription you are authorizing IKR Media to bill your method on file and the determined service renewal date based on your selected plan whether it be monthly or annual. Renewals are scheduled to capture the funds approximately 30 calendar days after the last renewal (for monthly subscriptions) or every 365 days (for annual renewal plans). However, this interval of dates are not guaranteed as a renewal may occur around this date depending on the date and time of transaction. Coordinating specific guaranteed dates is not available and cannot be executed.

Refunds & Service Credits

Due to the nature of our services and the resources we require to operate and provide on behalf of your business, IKR Media declines the option to offer any refunds for any reason. For subscriptions, if a renewal is processed before you cancel your service this will not qualify for a refund. Service credits may be issued to be used with IKR Media applicable to specific/related services. Invoiced payments, full payments and payment structured agreements (i.e. installments) are not entitled to any refunds.

Service Cancellation Policy (applicable for subscriptions)

The client and subscriber of any subscription plan provided by IKR Media has the right to cancel their subscription plan at any given time. However, subscriptions not cancelled within 72 hours and result in a renewal may not be granted a refund. Please be sure to cancel your subscription more than 72 hours of your next renewal. You may cancel your active plan manually from your own dashboard or by contacting our billing and support team.

Payment Retainment Details

IKR Media is not in control and does not have control over your specific payment details including card number, expiration date and/or CVV security code as these details are securely processed via an official authorization and capture portal provided by Stripe (for subscriptions) and/or Square (for invoice payments). For specific billing related questions and concerns regarding how this information is processed and stored please contact the processor directly at Stripe.com or Squareup.com.